Valentine's idea to use all year long

by Pippa Harris Esthetician & Reiki master teacher Pippa's Heart & Soul

For February, I thought I would show you a way to share the LOVE for RevealU Skincare products with a Valentine’s idea that can be celebrated all year long!

Choose your favorite RevealU gel (RevealU Face & Body Gel Gold for that luxury feel) and add a couple of drops (4-5) of your favorite essential oil. Lavender scent for calming and relaxing experience, citrus for more of an energetic and uplifting experience. Light some candles, play some nice music and surprise your special Valentine with a nice shoulder or body massage with your new customized scented RevealU gel. The more you rub RevealU gel into these areas the softer they become. Using the customized RevealU scented gel will relax the body, mind and soul and brings an added benefit of a youthful looking skin.

Also remember to take a little time to LOVE yourself too. We hold a lot of stress in our bodies and massaging our own hands and feet can help relief tension. Choose to spoil yourselves by creating a cozy atmosphere, light candles, choose your favorite RevealU gel and add a couple of drops (4-5) of your favorite essential oil. Rose essential oil boosts self-esteem, confidence or Sandalwood essential oil is relaxing, calming and may help with a good night sleep.

RevealU gel truly feels like your skin has found the fountain of youth. Turning back time and helping new, softer, more hydrated and supple skin emerge!


Article Pippa Harris

Licensed Esthetician US & UK

Reiki Master Teacher

Skin Care/Energy Work/Wellness

Pippa’s Heart & Soul

IG: @pippasheart

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